Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some shopping and eating

I have fully recovered from all the tiredness and stiffness. Feel more refresh after a good night sleep last night. Today I do not feel tired during the training. Or probably the pyschology side of going to go home soon make me more awake throughout the day.

Nothing interesting this week, besides sitting in front of computers, learning how to operate POS. While I were in Mid-Valley last weekend, I took the opportunity to visit the Mum & Baby Expo there. Thought people over here would not wake up that early but by the time I reached the exhibition hall at around 1030am on Sunday, I had a shock. It was packed like sardine cans.

Either I like it or not, I have to squeeze myself through the crowds and look around for offer bins. The wedding expo was on the other hall which was not that pack. So the parents here, some with babies in strollers were busy digging through the offer bins, checking out the promotional items and attending a parenting talk. I did not take much time there since I only have few minutes to spare. Managed to get 4 sets of long sleeves shirts and long pants for RM40 and training toothbrush (forgot the price) for Baby Jay and a shirt for little girl for only RM8.

Last night after my training, I took monorail to Times Square. You can say I know the route of monorail and expert in taking trains by now. *wink* But it was a mistake. I forgot the time. By the time I reached the monorail it is almost 6pm and was packed with people! So again, I have the feeling of being one of the folks here, squeezing myself into the 2-decks monorail. Gosh!! I was surprised that KTM started its first (I understand the first in Malaysia?) commuter deck for ladies only. I have not have the opportunity to sit into one, but I applaud KTM for its effort but I wonder how effective the campaign is. It sounds like gender discrimination and would not solve the congestion during peak hour where men would need to go into the female-only decks.

Anyway, back to my Times Square adventure. I did not spend much time there. Stayed for an hour since today is another busy day. My intention of going to Times Square? Just want to explore the part that I did not do so many years ago. The theme park and eat my favourite food there. Maybe some day I will bring my kids to the indoor park. Hardly can see much from the entrance.

Next stop! Shihlin Taiwan Snack Street. Yes! Its xxl crispy chicken and oyster mee sua. It took me almost 30 minutes to find that little shop lot although I had floor directory with me. I know I were greedy. I have the mee sua there and take away the chicken to the hotel room. While enjoying my new story book (which I bought for RM5 at Carrefour), I had my crispy chicken on the bed. So you can say I am gaining some weight, but who cares. Let me go back to Kuching and start losing some fat there. Lol! But by then, I would be busy with my shop opening and do not have time for any exercises and indulge in good food.

Talking about food, I am having some Gardenia's ChocoRaisin bread for dinner. My favourite. I have finished almost half the loaf while blogging. *wink* And it was a surprise to read that the brothers, Dan and Jordan won the current Amazing Race. I did not have the privilege to watch the finale and was sad to know the cowboys lose. Oh well, least expect the brothers to win this season.


Deana E said...

mid valley will always be packed with people day and nite

wenn said...

where is Shihlin Taiwan Snack Street?

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..you know KL very well already now. :)

Happy Belated Mother's Day to You!

Rose said...

Wenn, it is in Mid Valley.

Mummy Gwen, thank you! Happy belated Mother's Day to you too!

Deana, yaloh, I forgot the peak hour......crazy me! But at least I got something for the kids. hahaha! I went nut squeezing myself in the train.

mNhL said...

Really? KTM has that only female deck? The XXL crispy chicken very nice ya.

lvynana said...

Why dont you just stay at cititel or boulvevard, that can save from from all the troubles.

Rose said...

MNHL, yes to xxl chicken! Maybe going to have it again tomorrow when I have my training in Times Square. :p

Ivynana, Cititel or Boulevard too expensive. Anyway, for 4 days only. Now I am training in the city area.

joven said...

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Rose said...

Hi Joven, welcome to my humble blog!