Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kids vs grandkids

Don't you ever wonder the way your parents treated you when you were young and the way they treat your children now? Are they the same?

I used to strict parents when me and my siblings were younger then. Even the time we were to gone to bed were monitored closely. By 9pm, everyone must gone to bed if it is a weekday. This rule even followed suit till I were in my teens and adulthood. Old habits hard to kill, right?

Back to the treatment, I still feel that grandparents tend to treat their grandchildren differently. For instance, the caning is allowed when we were younger. However when we mentioned the word "caning" and its implementation to our children, both grandparents opposed to such treatment. So to say that they approved and implemented caning on their children, but a "no no" for their grandchildren. And sometimes the way we teach our children were to be judged.

Grandparents really treat grandchildren differently. With their own kids, they tend to be stricter but with grandchildren, grandchildren are like a whole world to them. In turn grandchildren knows when to please their grandparents. Like for instance my daughter. She knows her grandparents love her. So if me or hubby is to scold or does not allow her something, she will complained to her grandparents. And in turn, we get the scolding from the grandparents. That is how the circle started.


Ann said...

when we were young, we thought grands don't scold like parents do. We were even rude to grandma.

smallkucing said...

agree with u...they cann their kids it's okay but if we cann our kids...horror

Ching Ching said...

same same to my family here.

lvynana said...

Grandparents 'sayang' more their grandchild than their own child ;)

mNhL said...

wow...this is very true. haha... the kids really pandai. They know who they can manja with and will always win.