Thursday, May 13, 2010

Feel good

Don't you feel good when you wake up in the morning in an unfamiliar place and receive a encouraging message from your loved one! I did!

Woke up pretty early (the usual time at home) before 7am. Since cannot dozed back to sleep, might as well switch on my notebook and facebook-ing. I usually off my handphone at night before I go to bed, so this morning when I switched on my handphone I received a nice sms from my hubby. It said "I know how hard you work to take care of the two kids. I admire your strength. Let;s work hard for the children future." :) Doesn't it put a smile to your face?

It just keeps me going and I know that I am being appreciated and all my efforts and sweats would not go down the drain.

Last night I dreamt about my new shop! Gosh! All those anxieties. I remember I was fussing about the display and looking anxious and confused in my dream. Hope it would not be like that when I really open my shop end of this month! Lol!


mNhL said...

Wow...what a lovely sms you received. Definately put a huge smile on your face. must be too worried and excited at the same time for that dream to occur. All the best, ya.

eugene said...

This is such a lovely note,, say "thank you" to you hub for me ,will ya?

thank you

Lovely Mummy said...

so sweet lah your hubby...oh, new shop, what business you are doing?