Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Much alive

Many agenda in my head now. Getting ready for the shop is my priority but my kids are not feeling well and hubby's aunt is visiting from Brunei.

My girl has been sick since Sunday and she still having fever now and then. She has been absent from school two days. Tonsilitis. Now my Baby Jay has started to cough too. Gosh! The virus is spreading again. I am tired thinking about both kids' health. Sigh!

Hubby's aunt who diagnosed with cancer was flown from Brunei for treatment and chemo in General Hospital. My concerned MIL flew over last Friday one hour earlier than my flight. She is back in hometown now but will be flying over again this Friday as hubby's aunt is going for her first chemo therapy that day. So my SIL is busy driving back and forth the hotel to visit her aunt and bought her food. Luckily the aunt has her two daughters to accompany her but one flew back to Brunei to attend to her business this afternoon.

Every year I always wish for good health. Stay healthy is one of my resolutions. Seeing or hearing so many relatives or friends diagnosed with cancers and few passed away from it are scary. Health is important. Without it, nothing would be meaningful. So again I nag hubby to be health conscious; stop smoking and go for exercises. His side of the family has cancer background so chance of him getting one is high. Coupled with unhealthy habits there is a reason for me to be very concern. Sigh!


smallkucing said...

Take a deep breath..calm down. Everything will work out fine in the end.

wenn said...

true, health is wealth!

lvynana said...

Have you try giving spirulina to your kids?

eugene said...

Relax,and pray that everything will be ok,ya and believe that it is already ok.

take care now and God bless

mNhL said...

Hope your kids get well soon. It is really tiring when they fall sick and we have to pump medicine on them.

Health is really important.