Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting back into shape

I admire those mothers that still can maintain their slim figures even after giving birth! For them, everything is the same and their bodies did not alter during and after pregnancy. Sometimes I wonder whether are they pregnant or not! Lol!

Wouldn’t it be nice if a mother’s weight and size can still be maintained like before?? I know it is hard, as some mothers like myself experiencing bigger frame, especially my hip and abdomen part, which are most obvious now.

Some more I am going for C-section, so those parts are even more difficult to slim down after delivery. I hope that I can shred some fat probably from gym or aerobic. In my first pregnancy, I only started exercising after a year, as I couldn’t find times to go anywhere and find suitable centre, except working and taking care of my gal after work. But this time round, I must start my exercise regime earlier, once my gynae gives me green light to do so! *wink*


eugene said...

hey, they say "no pain no gain" go for it sister, make good of what we have, and strive to make better of what we have, and strive harder to make the best of what we have..

you will be there.

take care and have a great weekend ahead

Willie said...

I thank God that my wife is still in a good shape after giving birth.

Merryn said...

Eh? I thought C-Sec wont make your hips bigger coz the baby doesnt have to go thru there mah.. I went trhu C-Sec too.. and I am back to my normal weight. I guess taking care of a running toddler helps to burn the fats!

janice said...

i m hoping for wat you hoping too.. hahaha.. unfortunately.. i hv to work very hard !!.. hehehe

princess said...

Rose,I am sure you will get to reduce your hips and abdomen part, but take it easy as after C-section you must becareful and let the wound heal. Your breasts will also be reduce abit. I am sure your breasts must be full size by now, wat size is it now? Once after delivery, all will be down.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I started exercising after 2months post C-section for all 3 of my child birth. Start slowly and lightly and gradually increase the intensity and duration.