Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby Handbook

We got this helpful baby handbook back in 2006. This useful handbook is written by Dr Tan Poh Tin who is my little gal's pediatrician. As new parents, we are not 100% know what is wrong with our little gal when she developed fever, crying non stop or developed rashes on her body. Thanks to Dr Tan, she introduced us to her handbook which from time to time, I still refer to it for tips.

This book covers from birth, umbilical cord & care, jaundice to feeding older children and feeding medicines and types of vaccines. It basically explains everything on baby from birth in laymen terms and empower you to take care of your baby's health from Day 1.

A great handbook!! I don't remember how much it costs as it was bought 3 years ago. You can buy it from Dr Tan's clinic at Green Heights.


Willie said...

I'm sure the book is useful. I saw many books that talk about baby care in popular bookstore. But i have bought none. Hehehe

Hazel said...

i never know got such thing b4, such a good recommended.