Thursday, August 13, 2009

Early celebration

I have always love the month of August!! Why? Because it is the month of my birth. Last night, hubby treated me to an early birthday dinner. My birthday is in 2 two weeks time but hubby is worry that baby may come out earlier. Lol! Well, I guess I am a time bomb, don't know when the time is up, right? I don't mind celebrating it earlier anyway! And ouch! It means I am adding 1 more year to my age soon. Nah, never mind, I am still young. People said I don't look my age of 32. *laugh* I am going to have a wonderful birthday gift this year. You know what??

A Virgo baby. Yes. That is the best birthday gift I ever have. My baby would be a Virgo baby, just like the mummy and paternal grandmum. I went for my check-up today and doctor said the baby is weighing 2.9kg now. Head is down, so that is why I have some discomfort and pain on the lower part. Doctor also issued an admission letter just in case I am due early as few of her September-due patients have unexpected early delivery few days ago. Alright, all I need to do now is waiting for the baby when he is ready to come out to this world. *smile*

Let check out what we had for my birthday dinner. We gone for Western cuisine; once a while we are bored with rice. Lol!

Hubby was having his usual dish, duck breast ala orange. The duck meat was succulent and tasty.

And of course, he has alfredo too. Duck breast was too little for a big guy like him. Lol!

As for me, after thinking and scanning the menu few times, I settled for oven roasted cajun chicken with linguine. The chicken was very nice and tender.


lvynana said...

Happy Birthday, the food make me feel so hungry.

Mummy Gwen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! You are still young lah coz I'm older. :( Hope you have a safe delivery. Take care. :)

Zooropa said...

Happy Birthday to u Rose! Yeah baby is the best gift for u this year. I thought u said u gonna have cesarean?

Rose said...

Hi girls, thanks for your wishes! :)

Dora, yeap. I am going for Caesarian. Already fix a day.