Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not the clean freak type

I am not much of a clean freak person, but I try my best to ensure that the house is in proper and cleanliest possible. Lately I have been more of a hibernating mode; doing things at slower pace. With a tummy and weight gain of 10kg (for time being), I felt my body is heavier and reluctant to move around. Walking up and down the staircase already makes me panting for breath.

I leave most cleaning to our weekly cleaning aunty. She did not make good job out of it; hubby keeps complaining about her work. But better than nothing, right? As for the bedroom, I leave it to hubby. Today he done a good job, I have to admit; spring cleaning the room. Now it makes the room spacious and tidier!


Merryn said...

how nice! ur hubs i mean.. for mine, wont do a single thing!

Rose said...

Merryn, I have to say he done better job at cleaning than me! :p But need to wait for him to have mood to do it lah. heheh!