Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bonding with baby

As my due date is nearer, every day I reminded my little gal that her baby brother will be out from my tummy soon to meet her. Baby brother may not be able to play with her since he is a baby, but soon he would. But meantime, I told little gal that she can sing and talk to her baby brother till he is fit to play with her. I told little gal that when she was a baby, I sang songs to her to make her sleep. So, now it is her turn to sing to her baby brother.

So every night, my little gal will come to me and touch my tummy, asking what is baby doing in my tummy. When ever baby is moving or kicking, I will get my little gal to feel my tummy. Then she will start to sing “Twinkle twinkle little star”. *wink* I sang this song when putting her to sleep when she was a baby. So I guess she is singing this song to make her baby brother sleeping too. Looking and listening to her singing while patting my big tummy makes me smile once a while. How sweet!

When I told little gal that I would be busy with the new baby and she has to make her own milk, she replied me "I cannot. It is too high!". Meaning that the milk can and bottles are too high for her to reach and make herself some milk. Lol! I was just kidding her, want to see what was her response. Once a while I find that little gal is very protective and possessive of me. She would not want her dad to touch, hug or kiss me. At first we thought that probably she thinks that her dad is hurting me, but it turns out that she just want me for herself only. "Mummy is mine" she would say to her dad. Hmm, now I am worry what would happen when the baby is here. Even when the new baby sleeping with me is out of the question. She said the baby is sleeping in the baby cot while she is sleeping with me.

When baby coming, baby will be sleeping in little gal’s cot while we get a mattress for little gal to sleep on the floor. She still have the habit of tossing, rolling and kicking while sleeping, so it is advisable to let her sleep on the floor instead of bed. Little gal has understand that her little cot is smaller and soon would not fit her anymore, so she finally give in and willing to give to her baby brother. Since she knew her grandparents promise to get her a new adult single bed, she is happy with the arrangement. But we would be moving to new house next year, so we shall get the new bed for her then. Don't want to double transport the bed here and there.

She doesn't mind giving up her bed and sharing some of her toy but when ask whether she would share her precious toy bear, she quickly replied me “No! It is my bear”. Oh well, that is her smelly bear. She get protective of it sometimes. I don’t think anyone would want to hug it too!

This is her smelly bear that she affectionately call it “baby bear bear”. She couldn’t parted from it. When ever she needs to drink milk, she will need to get her pillow and toy bear to be with her. Funny habit. This picture is actually taken by my little gal herself using her grandmother’s new digital camera. She dressed up her bear in a diaper and took the snap. She is a wizard with digital camera. In few minutes, she knows how to turn on the lenses and start snapping. Not bad her photoshot, right?


Mummy Gwen said...

I think she will be a loving sister. Wow..she sure can take good pics. So clever.

EZ RIDE said...
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lvynana said...

My son will ask my hubby to 'sayang' me everytime we're on the bed, with him stuck in the middle of coz :)

pearly said...

Rose dear ;
your little sweet heart so sweet I can be very sure she will be another mummy to your little bb boy just like my daughter she is the second mummy when I am not around she will look after all the brother . is good to have a daughter first will help you lot :)

Dav DiDi said...

so sweet la her .... i bet she will be a good sis and example to her bro

Jas said...

she is really sweet... u have no worries dy o~! obviously u gonna have a good helper when the boy came .... ^^