Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Little Einstein

One of my little gal’s favourite cartoon is Little Einstein on Disney. She would mimic the Little Einstein’s moves and singing. I have been thinking of enrolling her to dance or music class, but I think she is too young for extra curriculum. I would not want her to be too stressed out, now that she is attending pre-school.

Probably it runs in the family. Hubby has good voice, can sing well and play guitar. As for me, I practiced organ for almost 7 years before I called it a quit to pursue my degree more than 10 years ago. My organ instrument has been since turned dusty and untouched in my parents’ house. I guess a lot of work need to be done to make good and re-string of my organ.

I do hope that my children will pick up music when they grow older.


Mummy Gwen said...

Whoa..must be really romantic when your Hubby serenade you with some love songs. :P Maybe sign up for a trial class first?

Zooropa said...

Yeah take it easy since ur gal is still very young. U can discover her interest/hobby later.

BTW, I have a tag for ya. Check this out:-


princess said...

Rose, It is still too early for your little gal to enrol for music class now, maybe give her another 1 or 2 years later. She is a gifted child since she has been always singing but don't stress her out now. There is still many many more years to come. Let her be herself for now and give her the freedom to sing as and when she wants, eventually if she really wants to sing, she will ask you to send her to music class.