Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tip from party planner

I love to watch Party Planner with David Tutera. When you watched him, you just cannot stop feeling amazed and awed by his ideas of using something simple or recycling them into something creative and interesting.

In one of his series, he used toilet paper rolls for his project. You may think that toilet paper rolls are useless, but stop throwing them. Have you ever thought of using and turning it into a napkin ring?

So, next time when you have guests coming over for a Western dinner, why not have do-it-yourself table napkin rings to surprise your guests?

I modify my napkin ring a bit, but it turns out fine to me. Give it a try okay?

I use my napkin ring as a holder for this scented flower fold

1. Cut toilet paper roll into 2 or any desired size. Spray black colour (or any colour to your liking, David used silver spray) on it. Let it dry.
2. Put glue on one end of the roll. Roll thin silver ribbon. Again you can use any colour ribbon as most colours fit black well.
3. Use fresh red rose petal (I used fake petals as I cut them into small pieces in shape of heart), and place glue on centre of roll. Paste the petal one by one. Put a little glue in the centre of rose petal and place a diamond (or any shinning kind) on it.
4. Roll your napkin. Insert your napkin into the ring, both side of napkin must be balance. Place it on the table, and spread the top part of napkin.


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