Friday, September 5, 2008

I am surviving on the 1st week

It is my 4th day at work. I am proud to say that I am learning and adopting well into the new culture. Some colleagues are friendly than the first day. Reason I think is today is Friday and everyone are more relaxed. They were going around from one table to another and they mangling around too. I also started to enjoy some company from colleagues as I get to know them more. Most of the time, they are busy with own works and seldom buck out from their cubicles.

In my department, there are 4 of us including me. Other are support and back office staff. Although mostly are not in the same department, we do get along well as we are supporting each other and we need to communicate in one or the other way.

My manager assigned me to a senior staff today. As it is Friday, one of the staff will need to do a weekly report to be submitted to my manager. So it turned out that it is the senior staff’s turn to do. So, I stayed back with him, checking on figures and key into the system. Those weekly reports are needed for commission and performance analysis. We stayed till 7pm. Even hubby called me when I was out from the building, asking why I am late today. LOL! He always late at night, and now he is complaining that I am late for once??

It rained when I left the office and it is still raining now. It has been a rainy week so far. I am supposed to go to Ramadan stalls in Satok with an ex-colleague yesterday but it has been raining in the evening. No luck of a dry evening for a visit to the Berbuka Puasa bazaar. How I miss the ayam percik, ayam pangang, kebab, satay, kuih (Malay delicacies) and so much more. (saliva drooling now! LOL)


Nessa said...

I'm glad things are working out great for you at work and no one's giving you grief :)

It has been rainy in KL for the past one week and I'm loving it. It's so cold at night, it feels as if the aircon is on!

osindak said...

Congrats on the new job rose! *hugs* Glad everything is well. Have a lovely weekend ya!

Hazel said...

it is great to hear u love ur new job..

Zooropa said...

Hope you can excel in your new role in the new office!