Sunday, September 28, 2008

I feel okay!

Hi there! I am back to the blogging world and I am very happy to be back to my hometown too! Reached Kuching around 6.35pm yesterday. And what a surprise I have when I reached home! Darling hubby made some changes to our bedroom. Some furniture arrangement. I have to keep asking him where is that and this. And not only that, the room was a mess. Clothes not folded and books and stuff were everywhere. *Faint* He has been living like a caveman for the past weeks, he said. LOL!
Nevertheless after cleaning and clearing and a good night sleep last night, I am feeling fine this morning. We have hearty breakfast with my family. After 3 weeks, I feel my little gal is taller and babbling than before! Oh boy! She can sing more songs and learn many new words too. LOL! What a surprise when she said "gila" (BM for crazy) when I praised her singing this morning. Also not forgetting emjei for passing me a wonderful tag. Thank you emjei for visiting and passing me the Feel Okay tag last week. Why shouldnt I feel okay? :) It is good to be home and been with my family.......
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Now I am tagging everyone in my list and everyone else who is keen to join in! Keep blogging!


Zooropa said...

Glad to know u r back! So how's ur training? Everything going smooth?...


Hazel said...

it's good to back to hometown..

Nick Phillips said...

Welcome back :D

Constance Chan said...

glad to have you back! i've got a contest in my blog ( if you like cute things... :P