Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st day at work!

Like every other thing, 1st day at work is always full of excitement, curiosity, question marks and enthusiasm. It makes me think back of my 1st day at work 9 years ago when I joined my previous company. Fresh from college with degree in my hand, I was green and not well equipped with what to expect of the working world.

But that was 9 years ago, and I grow matured along those years (I do hope I am). LOL! This morning the weather couldn’t have been worse, as it rained almost the whole morning. What a day to start off with. After a breakfast with my hubby and little gal, I drove to the usual route I used as the new office is just across my previous company. Everything on the road and route is normal, except I turned left instead of right to the new company!

After reporting to my manager, I was introduced to my colleagues (I couldn’t remember even half of their names, I lost count of how many people I met in an hour!) and shown around the office. After a morning tele-conferencing, I was shown to my desk to clean up the desk and cabinet and re-programme the pc. For the whole day, I was mostly in front of my pc, updating some personal information and doing some tests. Phew! All those reading makes my eyes grow tired. Not to mention the new terms that I have never known but need to accustomed to soon.

Tomorrow will be another day and I will get to learn on-the-job experience when I get attached to the existing colleagues. What more can I say except that it is totally new for me. Thankful that my new colleagues are friendly and helpful in making sure that I fit into the environment. *wink*


U.Lee said...

Hi Rose, was at Constance's place noticed your name...and it brought back memories of a 'Rose' I said 'goodbye' to few weeks ago.
Have always love the name too.
If I have a daughter, that will be her name.
Rose, you have a nice day, Lee.

Nick Phillips said...

All the best on your first day of work Rose :D

Hazel said...

good luck!

Nessa said...

I'm sure all will be well. After all, you have 9 years of working experience ya. Good luck! :D