Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2 days at work and tomorrow is a holiday

It feels like back to 1st day yesterday at work after 3 weeks training. More like a 3 weeks hiatus for me. In training, they taught you so many theories and expected you to remember all, but on the job, it is experience and hand-on skill.

Today is a tough day! Malay colleagues have taken leave, so not many people in the office today. I am also getting more hands-on task to do and actually get chance to use the system and procedures as well. Towards the late afternoon, everyone started planning where and what time to meet for tomorrow Raya visiting. Hmm, I would not be joining some of my colleagues for house visiting this year, there is always next year. This year, I will follow hubby to visit his colleague’s house instead.

Thinking of Hari Raya, I started to drool over ketupat, satay, curry and cakes. Yum yum! But usually we only can visit 2 houses in a day, as we will be too full to eat or drink after that.

I am looking forward to the 2 days holiday, as I need some time off to polish up some theories that I learned over the past 3 weeks. Too many things cramped into a small space of my brain, but luckily I have a master at home to consult with should I have any doubt. Yeah, my master is my hubby (who else?). *wink* He is always the wiser between two of us where as I am the more calculative type. So when come to decision making, he will be the one, while I am the financial minister at home!! LOL!

Back to work today, I found out that the company will be organizing a team building sometime middle of October and the week later, a family day. Team building in Permai Camp (where I am expecting some tough jungle trekking and stamina indulgence training there) and Family Day, an overnight stay in Damai Beach Resort! Wow! Of course I signed up for both. One, to be able to get to know my new colleagues and secondly, it is compulsory especially the 1st event. The Family Day is just excuse for me to bring little gal for a swim on the beach and hubby to relax on Saturday afternoon. He needs a break as he mostly go to office on Saturday afternoon. You know women. Nag their hubby when they are not spending much time with them and go to office on a Saturday when it is not a working day! LOL!

I would like to wish my Malay friends, “Selamat Hari Raya” and everyone else, “Happy Holiday”. See you guys around!


Nessa said...

I've had the opportunity to attend Team Building and it was a wonderful experience. The tasks remind me of The Amazing Race Asia! LOL

Happy Holidays :)

Rose said...

Happy Holiday to you too! Yeah, i guess it does remind me of the Amazing Race Asia tasks! LOL