Tuesday, November 6, 2018


I have never been to a TCM shop for acupuncture session but that changed last week.

My first time witnessing an acupunture session. Of course not on me, I didn't experienced that. My man has sprained his foot when he was in KK and it took him over a week to finally get proper treatment due to travelling and works.

He took a day off and I brought him to a TCM shop in MJC, as friend recommended  it to my hubby.

As we went in, we could smell the strong medicines as well as seeing smoke. I wondered why then?

Okay, that was how my man's right foot looked like before seeking treatment. Very very swollen, right?

So, the sinseh had a look at the foot and told us it wasn't a big matter. Just sprain and the dislocated joint, so he told my man to lie down on a bed and proceed to "relocate" the affected joint. A little pain there, according to my man. 

Then the sunset used acupuncture needles to treat the problem.  A needle on the leg and 3 around the ankle with 2 needles burning. So that was where the smoke and strong medicine scent came from.

The whole process took few minutes, maybe around 10 minutes. And after that, my hubby was able to walk properly and the swell subsided as the day went by.

As of current state, he still have some pain on the same foot. Maybe too much walking over the weekend. May get him to go back and do the treatment again.


Phong Hong said...

Quite effective the TCM treatment. Need to rest the ankle and avoid walking too much. Hope he recovers soon.

suituapui said...

I've gone for acupuncture twice but one thing's for sure, I would not want to go again if I can help it.

Mun said...

Better to rest the foot and let it heal more.

Ez Vina said...

I feel nervous just by looking at those needles.

Libby said...

I ever went to acupuncture once and I freaked out.

Speedy recovery to your hubby, try to rest more so can heal faster.

Tanza Erlambang said...

useful posting.
thank you for sharing

Shirley Tay said...

Oh dear, the swelling looks bad! Speedy recovery! xoxo

Emily Tang said...

i never go acupuncture
it looks miraculous

Sharon D said...

That looks amazing, Rose. Hope your hubby's leg has healed thoroughly by now.