Wednesday, January 31, 2018


We went for our 2nd CNY shopping last week in Emart Batu Kawa. 

We rediscovered that the place was decorated with more CNY themed decoration than the week before. More lanterns, cherry blossoms and pink umbrellas around the mall.

The hypermarket was packed with people (as expected) since it was month end and everyone has received their salary. And CNY was less than 3 weeks away!! I wouldn't want to squeeze with last minutes shopping and shoppers!! 

After we were done with the shopping, we decided to buy dinner from the food court. Don't remember when were the last time we stepped into the food court but definitely some of the old stalls have ceased in operation. We rediscovered the food court with new menu. There were new and totally different cuisines available now compared to what they had few years ago.

There were Indonesian, Pakistanis, Western as well as Malay and local Sarawak specialties.

Since it was just slightly 4pm and no one was hungry, we bought our dinner home.

No consolation prize for guessing who had noodle that evening. Yup. My noodle boy, Jay. I bought him a pack of Malay fried noodle.

Mee goreng (RM5.00)

Hubby had the Nasi Goreng Pattaya which was spicy to his liking. It was the chilli sauce that they add onto the omelette.

Nasi Goreng Pattaya (RM6.00)

Jan and I went for the same stall; the Indonesian stall. I had its Nasi penyet Lele which was just nicely done. The fish was fresh and sweet.

Nasi Penyet Lele (RM7.00)

Jan initially ordered the Nasi Ayam Bakar but she did not like the sweet grill sauce. So she shared my fish while I took her chicken.

Nasi ayam bakar (RM7.00)

The dipping for the veggies was nice. Spicy for me.


Shirley Tay said...

Well, my pick goes to the Ayam Penyet! Hey Rose, check out our latest Giveaway to Win USD 50 Open to All Worldwide! xoxo

suituapui said...

So cheap, the pecel lele. RM7.50 here. :'(

Phong Hong said...

I like all your picks from the food court.

mun said...

Lots of rediscoveries here. My choice is the nasi pataya.

Nancy Chan said...

I want to try a bit of everything!

The Yum List said...

There are some beautiful CNY decorations up this year.

Libby said...

I also don't like Indonesian grill sauce, too sweet for me.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I will go for the nasi penyet lele..