Monday, January 8, 2018

In a week

Lately we had few shares of Indian cuisine indulgence. Both hubby and myself enjoy the food but the kids do not fancy them much other than roti canai.

There was a Bombay Cuisine outlet near the Hypermarket where we almost go to every weekends.

However there is this Indian Muslim food outlet that is very near to our place. Curry House. The last time we were here was in October. 

But that week where Christmas to New Year Eve, we went there thrice. 

First on Christmas day (Monday), we went there for lunch. Hubby was craving for nasi campur so he had his share of dishes that day. Meantime, I went for Nasi Ayam Penyet. 

Nasi Ayam Penyet

Yes, rather unusual to find Nasi Ayam Penyet in an Indian shop. So I opted that for my Christmas lunch.

Then few days later (Thursday), we came back for breakfast before we went for our beach getaway in Lundu.

Curry mutton

Hubby had his fix of mee maggi goreng and ordered a small plate of curry mutton to go with it.

The kids each had roti telur whereas I went for something different. Cheese naan. It has been ages since I had naan. 

Cheese naan

And the cheese naan in Curry House was nice. Not as cheesy as I tasted in the Northern Indian cuisine in Rubber road many years ago but the naan was good enough.

Something like a thin-crust pizza with cheese on top. I finished most of it while hubby and Jamie helped to some of it.

Lastly on New Year Eve (Sunday), we were back for lunch. That time I went for the nasi campur.

Nasi campur

I had some mutton curry, deep-fried spiced bittergourd and bamboo shoot. Of course, not forgetting the papadom and prickles too.

Papadom and prickles

I think our fix of Indian cuisine would be adequate for time being. Too much of it in one week. We just kept going to the same shop. We break our own record. Indian food 3 days in a week last year. See if break this record in 2018. ^^


Nancy Chan said...

I like ayam penyet too! I miss eating cheese naan and papadam!

suituapui said...

All look so good! My kind of cuisines, I know I'd enjoy them all. Yum yummm!!!!

PH said...

I love Indian food, so I will never say no to it. You are making me crave for curry!

Libby said...

Now I have craving for curry mutton

The Yum List said...

I'm like your kids - roti, naan - yes please!

mun said...

Curry mutton and cheese naan! Just that two and I will be satisfied.

Sharon D. said...

I can relate to this situation! ^.^
This is serious delicious food, Rose especially on cooler months.

ChrisAu said...

Wow! I love Indian food too and I had at least once or twice per week!

lina said...

Curry mutton looks good.

I wondered too on how 'weird' to see ayam penyet sold at curry house. Hihi

Merryn said...

I will never get to eat this with my family as the hubby and the boys are not a fan of Indian cuisine. I only get to enjoy Indian cuisine if I go out with my friends

Somewhere in Singapore said...

See the curry mutton makes me wants to eat it, hehe...