Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I said no

Remember when I said I wouldn't be coming back here anytime soon, but I have to take back my word.

Ironically I came back to this Chinese restaurant within a week! Why? Because the man of the house wanted to eat dim sum and do some shopping in the mall that day. So how could I said no?? 

We weren't that hungry after we spent an hour or so shopping and walking so we did not order much food.

Hubby did the ordering and after the waiter passed us the processed order chit, I did the courtesy to check it. Thankfully everything was available. Lol.

We had this plate of roasted duck noodle for sharing. 

And this steamer of pork bun was specially for Jan as she enjoyed it the first time we were here.
I did not taste the bun but I did tried the har kaw. It was alright.

Hubby had this lo mai kai. Not a big fan of sticky glutinous rice myself.

Did we enjoyed the lunch this time?? Our honest opinion. Well, it was alright but nothing fancy or great that will make us come back. At least we have tried the noodle and dim sum so this time, I could say we would not be jumping on the bandwagon and coming back anytime soon. 


Ez Vina said...

I think the qualify of the food drop a bit from their 1st year of operation. They use to have xiao long bao on the menu, now no more; or maybe the original chef are not there anymore.

Nonetheless, I still go there quite often.

PH said...

So on second visit it is confirmed that it is not that great LOL!

suituapui said...

I love lo mai kai!!! Well, at least, the buns look a little bit nicer than the ones you had the last time.

mun said...

i love to eat lo mai kai too!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I opposite with you, i am a fan of sticky glutinous rice, hehe..

Nancy Chan said...

I love lo mai kai too but can't eat too often!

Reanaclaire said...

I love the wanton noodles ...they look springy to me.. nice!

lina said...

At least better experience, this time.

Sharon D. said... happens! On a brighter note, it looks like it was better this time around.