Friday, April 1, 2016

Miscellaneous Picture #51: Few things

There goes the incredibly stressful March. 

Both kids had their semester exams. But good thing out from it was the one week break. Hubby is adjusting to the relaxing and laid-back life of Sri Aman; blessed that we get to see him on weekends.

Anyhow, we got through March. Few things that keep me going and happy.

What's better than a good and warm breakfast to start off the day. 

I picked up colours; thanks to my daughter. *wink* Now we both compete to see how many pages we could go.

A little bloom would not kill anyone. These little lovelies can brighten up any day of the week.

Going slow on my reading lately. I only can finish up a good book in a week. Used to be 3 or 4 days in the past, but now finding time to read is a bliss. Lol. My latest read that I managed to finish last month.

Some nights we brought in pizza and had a pizza night! My kids super love it when we had pizza night. When they are happy, I am happy too. *wink*


wenn said...

so true, when our kids are happy, we are happy too..

Anonymous said...

Is that pezzo or pizza hut?

Rose said...

Pizza Hut. I dont really enjoy those from Pezzo.

Agnes said...

You must be a strong lady organising the house, kids and all while your hubby works away from kids would prefer the spaghetti carbonara from PizzaHut.

Sharon D said...

That's a lovely week. Flowers, book, food, happy family - life is wonderful, I say. ^.^

reana claire said...

A peaceful life is a Blissful... :)

mun said...

More flowers for me please! What's in store for April?

Libby said...

I had finished reading all my books, time to buy some more books to read, one of these days must have pizza, pizza is my favourite