Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Meet-up with the cousins

When my cousin and her family from Singapore flew over before Christmas, I managed to meet up with her and family. And the kids got to meet their little cousin after their last visit more than a year ago.

After their request for kolo mee breakfast in Huan Lok Cafe, I brought them to CityOne mall for a walk and fun.

The mall has a StreetSmart exhibition organised by Petronas so I thought it would be interesting enough for the young kids to enjoy.

The entrance

It is an indoor miniature traffic garden where the kids get to play with some interactive games. You could visit it as it is on-going till June 2016.

Traffic light!

Hit the helmet section

The little one tried to drive a car

Very into touch screen


Waited patiently for her turn on the wheel

We spent more than 30 minutes there before we diverted to another playground on the top floor.

And yes, the fun continued and the kids prefer to play here more. We lost track of the time and tokens we spent here. What matters was the kids had a splendid time in the playground and games arcade.

With their cousin

After that we browsed around a gift shop that sells Lego! So tempted to buy them as mostly were on offer.

Glad that I got to spend half day with my cousin and her family. And oh dear, my dearie cousin has a bun in the oven. Congrats to her! After our chicken rice balls lunch here, I drove them back to their rented house for a rest.


Sharon D said...

Oh how lovely! Congrats to your cousin.

So much fun for the kids. My nephews were here just a week back and they were glued to the playground too! ^.^

suituapui said...

Congrats to your cousin. You? Anymore baking? Muakakakaka!!!!!

Bet the kids had a wonderful time...and bet they enjoyed the food in Kuching too.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Congrats to your cousin...

mun said...

Good that all of you build relationships with your cousin and family. The children have fun and fond memories together too.

Nancy Chan said...

Congrats to your cousin. A fun and safe place for the kids to enjoy and have fun. Great bonding for you and your cousin and also for the kids.

Shirley Tay said...

I've never had any cousins coming from a small family, & I've always envied others with big families. This looks like fun! xoxo

Merryn said...

I've attended the Petronas Street Smart event held in KL once. Quite interesting for the kids.

Irvine Chin said...

lovely day out! good event, PLACES where i will bring my kids, when i have =D