Friday, January 23, 2015


TGIF! Friday has come around again and I am happy that I can breathe better this weekend.

It has been a rocky week this week with the bad weather and I had a little tyre accident early of the week.  Hit the side of the road and punctuate my front tyre but luckily that was over for us now. And thanks to dad for helping us during such time.

I hate going out under the cold and wet condition. But for kids' sake, we survive this week without much hardship. Thank god that everyone has recovered from a bout of cold.

My area is flood-free unlike other low areas which flooded and affected families needed to evacuate and stay in relief centres early of the week. Raining every day on and off; hardly see the sun coming out. However weren't happy we are to have some sunshine yesterday afternoon. Feel like a long time since we see the sun shines warmly on us. We did see an improved weather yesterday and today.

I did not go anywhere other than have a quick shopping in the neighbourhood mart, send and pick the kids.  On Tuesday, I received a surprise mail in my mail box. As you can see, the envelope was wet from the rain but the content was not. Thank you to Libby for this thoughtful bookmark. I love it.

Nice quote on the leaf bookmark.

On another good note, I have some times to watch tv this week. Catching up on some tennis matches. Australian Open 2015 is on-going now.

And I am typically not into musical film but my kids have been bragging to me on watching "Into the woods", the latest Hollywood movie. They have watched it last Sunday night with the dad. So I guess they wanted to watch the movie again. Well, I guess that would be what we are going to do tonight.  After all, it is Friday. No school tomorrow and we can stay up late. ^^


Princess Ribbon said...

Same here too, I hate going out if it's raining, imagine we live in a condo.. But mr. sunshine is out for the past few days over here..

Huai Bin said...

There's so many potholes and sinkholes in my area!

I'm quite angry about it - it's very dangerous coz some are ridiculously deep, 2-3 feet ones I've seen two of them!

They'll not only puncture your tyre, it'll break the suspension if you accidentally drive into one. I think the one at Jalan Surian to Kota Damansara made it into the news - that was "only" 30 inches, and there's a bigger one near my apartment.

It takes the council so long to patch them up and then a lorry driver comes along and makes the hole again. -_-

ChrisAu said...

It seems the rain haven't left sabah and sarawak yet huh ? It's getting hot here. And, nice leaf bookmarks there.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Enjoy your weekend ya...

suituapui said...

Oh dear! Oh dear! Here, rain also...that day, raining, went to look for the paos (today's post), did not see the kerb as I turned in, ran over it, stuck halfway....reversed. Lucky could get out - went to mechanic to check, no damage. Phewwwwwww!!!!

Everyday rain rain...must drive carefully.

mun said...

Glad to know that you are ok despite having the punctured tyre and also good that your area is flood free. Do take good care.

Sharon D said...

Glad to hear that the weather is improving ..and I absolutely love the quote on the bookmark!

Emily Tang said...

It is hard to imagine Kuching waterfront is flooded
but luckily your house isn't affected