Sunday, January 4, 2015

School holiday activities

(Warning : photos overloaded!)

Remember in 2013, I did some individual posts on year end's school holiday activities? Well, you can read from the archives here and here.

Not going to do individual posts on what the kids' school holiday activities for 2014. However these were what the kids did over this long school holiday other than watching tv and making a mess at home. ^^ Mostly they were at home as it rained almost every afternoons. What to do? Monsoon season.

And news broke early this week that due to serious flood in certain states in Malaysia, the education minister has agreed to postpone the school term to another week. So over here, schools would re-start on 12 January. However Jay will start his kindergarden class tomorrow, but he will be off earlier as it is an orientation week on the 1st week of school.

Save the frozen

Art time

Swimming lesson

Indoor camping

UNO cards

Toy soldiers
Asides cars, toy soldiers are my boys' favourite games

Bike riding

Flashcards reading
For Jay

For Jamie

More fun with those seeds

Get creative with Domino's blocks
Not the normal Domino games anymore

ABC learning

Playland visit

Get imaginative

Jay said this is a train!

Interactive pen
Got 3 books now, need collect the last one

Cross-stitching lesson

Hide N Seek


Somewhere in Singapore said...

So long didn't play Uno liao...

Libby said...

Last time used to like to play UNO

Linda said...

What fun! :)

Princess Ribbon said...

Interesting home activities.. Kz just stayed home and watched tv and youtube *blush*

suituapui said...

Holidays extended one more week...otherwise, you could heave a sigh of relief already. Now will have to keep them entertained for another 7 days. LOL!!!!

mun said...

Good activities - for the mind and body. Nicely balanced!

ChrisAu said...

Same as my kids too , the younger one will start her kindergarten school today while the bro still enjoying his holidays.

Sharon D said...

Phew! The kids are going to miss the holidays for sure! ^.^

Azura Chan said...

They had fun! School holiday is over soon, I bet some of them starting to get gloomy by now. hehe.

Sherry said...

fun activities, but my toddler didn't like any writing or learning words. :(

Yee Ling said... holidays are always filled with fun activities and glad your kids were having awesome times.

Happy New Year, Rose.