Friday, January 30, 2015

Come to a close

I have so much to write this evening but can't get my thoughts organised. Hmm. A bit of a writing block, I think I have at the moment.

But I think I can do with a little summary of what I have been through this month, the very first month of 2015.

The sun is almost setting now as January 2015 is almost come to a close. It feels great and blessed to be able to see the sun every day, don't you think?

January has got to be one of the wettest months. Most of the days, it is cold and wet. However if last week was the wettest this month, this week has got to be the warmest! I am sweating profusely this week.

I were not feeling well on the first week as my three friends (flu, sore throat and cough) were visiting me. The kids also caught the sickness from me.

And splitting headaches attacking me this week, and I have to sleep early to get some rests. And when I said early, there was one night when I went to bed around 8pm after Jamie slept. Too tired and my headache was killing me. I could not believe I actually slept for almost 10 hours that time!!

Clearing my old clothes from the wardrobe and donate to the needy organisation. Glad I did that as I should have done it long long time ago. In the past, I used to complain that I have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing wear. Now I can proudly tell my hubby it is empty and I really have nothing to wear!

Both Jan and Jay are happy to be back to schools and they are adjusting well to our current arrangement.

Jan is officially wearing glasses. Brought her to check her eyesight last week and confirm her near-sighted with degree of 250 (right)  and 300 (left).

And here is Jamie in his birthday suit enjoying his bath. He is 16 months old and counting!

We are furnishing our home with more furniture and fixtures. We did spent a lot this month of the house.

I am still planning of way to revamp our office space in the house but too many clutters in that room. More like a store room than an office now but got to think of making it more comfortable and practical. 

I am looking forward to February because Chinese New Year is coming soon. Hubby will be back for the holiday and we are going to be busy with the celebration. The whole Ling family will be flying over and celebrate CNY this year in Kuching! 


Ez Vina said...

So fast end of Jan d, I still have lots of bills not yet pay.. aiyaz

mun said...

Sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well at the beginning of Jan but glad to know all of you are ok now and that your children love going to school. Jamie is also growing up to be a happy toddler.

Linda said...

I am really sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well, Rose, and I hope that you are feeling much better now. Your photos are lovely.

suituapui said...

Wahhhhhh!!!! So fast! End of January already. Soon Chinese New Year, so many things not done. Sighhhhh!!!!!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Times flies, less than a month to go, CNY liao...

Princess Ribbon said...

Time flies hor.. Bet your February would be a happening one.. Mine would be a simple one, same every year..

Sharon D said...

Glad the flu is over. I am excited for you! I remember my furniture shopping days ❤