Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Not only tarot

You could book an appointment for a tarot reading here. However, on normal days, people come here for its food and drink. It is a good dining place to enjoy some decent and reasonably-priced food. 

Tarot Cafe in Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce (Jln Keretapi) is more well known for its drinks and toasts. I have been there once when I were pregnant with my 2nd baby. So you can imagine that was a long long time ago as Jay is almost 6 years old now.

All the tarot cards display on the wall

I bought a Groupon voucher for its signature toast. RM12 for 2 persons (normal price RM16.90). Isn't it look colourful and delicious?

Loved the crispy toast with the sweet filling of ice cream, watermelon balls and blueberry sauce on it.

That was only our starter. We also bought Groupon vouchers for bento sets for 2 persons here.

We opted for chicken katsu and chicken teriyaki bento since the kids did not know how to eat spicy food.

How our bento looks like

Teriyaki chicken

Chicken katsu

Oh yeah. For the RM12, other than their signature toast, we also get 2 side dishes. We chose fried hotate (above) and tako balls (below). I did not taste the hotate but I tried one tako ball. I never really fancy those Japanese balls that much.

Again, this cafe has some of creative drink names around. I had "The Lover" which is a vanilla smoothie with dragon fruits cubes in it. RM8.90 for this tall glass of goodness.

And sis said she needed "The Strength" drink (RM6.90) that afternoon, which was very refreshing.

You bet that we did have an enjoyable lunch.  The address of this cafe below if you would like to try its food or get your fortune telling here. It is just opposite Bing! Coffee.


Princess Ribbon said...

Nice and interesting place.. Got tarot reading, got nice food.. I've never tried tarot reading before, wish to try if got chance..

Anonymous said...

So what do your cards say about you? Good year ahead?

Emily Tang said...

oh tarots cafe looks interesting
food, drink and have fortune reading
hey is it free for the fortune reading?
I guess not...LOL

Rose said...

Did not try the reading. Never into such thing and never did. Haha

Rose said...

Definitely at a certain fee but not sure how much. Need to set appointment for the reading.

Linda said...

A very nice place, Rose, and the food looks pretty good. Thank you so much for sharing.

Azura Chan said...

Oh my favourite place. II love the bento set and the green beverage. Don't remeber the name. hehe

trishie said...

Such an interesting concept to combine tarot card reading with dining. I suppose it's something to do while waiting for the food eh?

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Interesting place and the foods looks good...

Hayley said...

I wonder why bento always serve watermelon but not other fruits? Hehehe!

mun said...

A cafe with a different concept - eat and drink with your fortunes told.

Merryn said...

I'm not one who likes my fortune to be read by others. I'll just drop by for their meal I guess :)

Small Kucing said...

food sounds great. Too bad it's far for me

ahlost said...

it looks good from your post. I didn't dare to buy Groupon anymore cos I recalled the last two times i brought to claim and the portion was much more smaller than the usual one. Hmm..

Didn't go Tarot for sometimes too since the service once we had was very bad. But from your post, everything looks okay.