Thursday, June 12, 2014

The gardens and farms of Cameron

We started our CH adventure on the 2nd day. The weather was gloomy and heavy downpour in the afternoon. However the morning started warm and after our breakfast in the hotel we walked to the taxi station which was just few minutes walk. 
My breakfast

We hired a taxi driver to bring us sight-seeing. Standard rate at RM15 per hour. We spent 4 hours for our sight-seeing, which I think was good enough for the kids. Except the honey bee farm, we have ventured into all the famous of the highlands.

First stop was the tea farm. We visited the BOH factory and tea shop. And we get to walk down and have a close look at the tea trees.

The beautiful green tea farm overlooking the mountain

A bed of young green tea leaves ready for picking

The tea fruit and leaf

The BOH tea shop

Ummph! - the famous tagline

Next was the Lavender Garden. The beautiful bed of colourful flowers really mesmerizing. We did not managed to pick any strawberries as it was closed that day, but we did  bought a pack to taste for RM10.
Lovely purple!

A carpet of Lavender and Begonia
Love this striking purple flower bed

Strawberries, anyone?

The strawberries on the plants

Then, we went to Rose Valley. It rained by then but luckily the huge garden was covered so it did not stopped us and other visitors from walking and admiring the roses and other flowers.
Rose - my favourite

One of the many rose species

Tree snakes are eeeewww!

Lucky to see this peacock parading its lovely tail

Last stop was the butterfly farm. Unfortunately we did not get to see many butterflies flying around as the weather was chilling. Most just hang high in the greenhouse. However some were seen hanging on flowers so not a total disappointment for my kids. 

Few of the butterflies

Beautiful fella

Cactuses are even not an eye sore here!


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Nice flowers!!!

Ez Vina said...


Princess Ribbon said...

Strawberries look so red and juicy, but was it sour?

Sharon D said...

Am loving the flowers and beautiful!

Rose said...

Yes, slightly sour, Louiz.

mun said...

Yes you managed to visit all the important attractions. Lovely roses and I like to eat sourish strawberries.

Hayley said...

The lavender garden is so nice right? I love this place a lot ;)

Merryn said...

Lovely flowers! Makes me want to go again :)

suituapui said...

I love Cameron!!! I wonder if there is a school there - can ask my girl to ask for a transfer and we will go and live there. Sure will live longer!

Libby said...

I haven't visit the Lavender Garden yet, but the journey up Cameron Highlands from Singapore takes 8 to 9 hours, long journey

Libby said...

The strawberries look so beautiful