Monday, June 16, 2014

Stop at the Junction

One of the floral baskets from well-wisher to hubby. Flowers from Cameron Highlands? ^^

Hubby is discharging this afternoon. Spent 5 nights in hospital and paid around RM1400 for everything. Radiology already cost over RM900 there! Can't wait to go home.

How we spent our Father's Day? In hospital ward of course. He ate roasted meat rice with iced Cola for lunch, courtesy of my SIL and for dinner, he had white porridge and condinement from the hospital. Will treat him to a dinner when he is fully recovered. The kids wished him "Happy Father's Day" and visited him in hospital.

Alright, back to a food post. Long time did not have food pictures and post. So here it goes. A back-dated post.

On the evening before we went to KL, we stopped by this cafe for a fusion dinner. Have planned to try this place out couple of times but we never make it till then. So when we were at the nearby bakery to buy some pastries, we finally made a stop here!

Checked its FB page for menu but instead all I saw was vacancies advertisements and comments in Chinese. Not many photos of food at all.

But not to be demotivated by it, we decided to go and give this place a try. We had a good time there I have to say. Nothing to shout about, just another fusion cafe and food and ambience are acceptable. Prices are also cheap.

 The seating area is fairly lighted which make phototaking easier. And while waiting for our food, my kids were busy counting the stuff on this green poster.

 My kids shared this egg omelette fried rice. I asked them not to put the chili sauce on top of the omelette, as shown in their menu. Rather plain the fried rice but I do not mind as the kids ate it. Less MSG is better.

Fried rice with small bits of beef and corn kernels.

I had its cheese chicken chop (RM15) that comes with french fries and french beans. The chicken chop was topped with cheddar cheese. You know me, as long as it has cheese, I will try it out. This dish did not failed me as the chicken chop was tender.

Do you want a bite?

We also had this honey black pepper pork tenderloin which was nice. At first it was sweet with honey glaze but as you ate and dug into the sauce, you can taste the black pepper more. Overall, it was nice and I like it. Just RM7.90 per plate with white rice.
Tender sweet and slightly peppery pork tenderloin


Princess Ribbon said...

Glad to know hubby's discharging.. Rest well at home ya..
G's fees is super expensive too.. RM3700 for 3 nights at the ward for high fever.. And RM5300 for the stitches from the bed-falling thingy.. And guess what, we not yet buy insurance for him!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Now medical expenses is not cheap...

Hayley said...

Medical cost all above thousand these days, haih~

suituapui said...

Your hubby should be home by now. Drink Cola some more kah? Spank! Spank!

I blogged about this place twice - not everything is nice, must know what to order. On the whole, not really great - would prefer to go elsewhere.

mun said...

I like omelette rice like that. The pork rice is good value for money.

mun said...

Good to hear your spouse has been discharged. Take good care.

Merryn said...

Good to know he's discharged! Yeay!

Small Kucing said...

glad your hubby is out of the hospital now.

lpl...for a moment there I thought the flower is from stp. :p

ChrisAu said...

Poor daddy , hope he get well soon and back alive and kicking. Oh .. The pork tenderloin looks so good!

Sharon D said...

I want more than one bite, Rose ;)

Really glad to hear that Hubby has been discharged. What a long week for you.