Sunday, May 18, 2014

A little cheer

Hubby's office organised a trip to Old Folk Home (Rumah Seri Kenangan Sibu) yesterday morning so me and kids (except baby) followed along. Thought it is a good exposure for the kids to visit the home.

The first and last trip I have been to an Old Folks Home was during my secondary school. You can say, this type of visit was never a cheerful thing and you tend to go home with rather heavy and sorrowful heart.

Everything is basic and rather old in Old Folks Home. The occupants depend on volunteers to take care and feed them.
 This home in Sibu mostly accommodate Chinese. Hmm, what are you thinking?
 Our first stop was the canteen cum activity hall. When we reached there around 10am, they were having their tea time. So we took the opportunity to distribute towels and food.
 We were greeted by the person-in-charge. She briefed us a bit of the history and current updates. And yes, that was my busybody boy.
 I let my girl to help in giving out towels and food. She was happy to oblige in helping around.

 Then we toured around the hostel, beggar rehab centre and patient ward. No photography allowed so no pictures there.  After about an hour tour, we went back to the canteen to distribute lunch for the old folks. All caterings were sponsored by hubby's office.
While they enjoyed their lunch, one of hubby's staff entertained them with songs. And this couple was very sporting to go up to the stage and sang and danced as well.

The next trip hubby is going to bring some water heater and washing machine over. Very sad when hear that there is no hot water heater or washing machine in the home. Sigh! Hope our visit brought some cheers to the old folks. I guess they enjoyed the companionship and some goodies as at the end we were entertained to a karaoke session by an old lady there.


Reanaclaire said...

Yes, going to homes like these can be pretty depressing.. you don't see joy in their faces.. life is like no more meaning to them... kind of sad..

Hayley said...

I feel very pitiful for those old people.... But at least we do something to cheer them up~

suituapui said...

This is the government-funded one, much better off than the other one on the way to the new university in Sibu, left side.

Azura Chan said...

The person in charge who gave speech is my friend - Miss Lenna. hehe. Not many people can work there but she's the tough one. Always being my 'mother' when we're studying. Very generous, and I bet the job really suits her.
Great exposure for your kids.

Sharon D. said...

You have a kind heart, Rose. It's sad to see anyone having to live in an old folks home...

mun said...

Sad yes but that's the fact of life. Good of your husband office to visit the home and give them necessities.

ChrisAu said...

Well done to you and hubby as well as your kid. I been one of the old folks home organized by my company and yeah, I really feel sad for them.

Princess Ribbon said...

When I was still staying with my parents, I visit the old folk's home quite often too.. I remember it is called "Ti Ratana".. They have 3 centers together - old folks, orphans and also abused women.. So we usually brought old clothes for the women and stationeries for the kids..