Monday, January 27, 2014

Hunting down seafood

Have indulged in some seafood recently. Always a seafood lover. As long as the seafood is fresh, I do not mind paying more.

My latest seafood eating is this morning when hubby brought me to Ming Kong cafe in the city centre. A lot of cars in city centre today; everyone is doing cny shopping and many Sibu people coming back for the holiday.

Ming Kong cafe is famous for its RM30 big prawns noodle. Still think Jakar's prawns noodle tasted better but for time being, this Ming Kong prawns noodle will do. Available in Sibu and no need to drive 1-hour plus to Jakar just to have prawns noodles.

Hubby and I shared fish and prawns noodles as I would like to try its fish noodle. The fish and prawns were very fresh. Prefer the prawn noodle more because of its eggs. ;)

Followed hubby last Friday night to his company's CNY staff dinner. We went to Jln Bandong for steamboat and bbq. RM18 per person.

Very fresh seafood. We took lots of prawns and crabs!!

Like its black shrimp paste dipping. They also have small chilli for those that can stand spiciness.

Tom yam and chicken soup for steamboat

Super spicy tom yam soup

Chicken soup tasted great as more seafood is put in

A way to end the year before CNY.  Tomorrow I would be going back to  Kapit. For those that want to send me off, my express is 10am so kindly be at the wharf before that time. All gifts and goodies are accepted. *wink*

Look forward to the celebration but not so look forward to the nearly 3 hours express ride from Sibu to Kapit. Sigh!


mun said...

I love to eat seafood too! Have a safe journey back to Kapit!

reana claire said...

WOW.. I love seafood much! Enjoy yourself Rose... Journey mercies to your in-laws!

Hayley said...

Seafood is yummy but they are so high in cholesterol!! :(

ChrisAu said...

I love the prawns ! So big and looks juicy !

suituapui said...

I am not going to eat those prawn noodles ever - nothing special, just that they add those prawns and they're soooooooo expensive. I've seen that BBQ place, never tried. Looks maybe I should drop by one day.

LouizYee said...

Saw your prawn mee and fish noodles in FB, drooling already..

I also like steamboat+bbq.. Steamboat in the middle, bbq at the sides.. And buffet style too, yes? I used to love it very much and eat every week (b4 having kids), but after having kids, no need say lor, tarak pergi liao.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

When i saw you post in fb, i was drooling... hehe...

Yee Ling said... u had the big head prawn noodles also. I also tried once during my last visit to Sibu.