Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More from 2nd week

Old habit never dies. A blogger is always a blogger. And what does a blogger do best? Blog lah.....This blogger supposed to rest but oh boy! I am going to die of boredom if stay doing nothing in my 4-corners room. Sigh! But a little moderation is what I practised. Do not tired myself out. And I miss blog-hopping and reading you guys' posts. *wink*

Since moved to Sibu, yesterday I experienced an electricity shutdown in my housing area. Started before 9am when my dad came to visit us. He with few friends drove in on Sunday and will be back this evening. It was no-electricity the whole morning till about 1pm yesterday. Sigh! Bad timing! :( Other than a warm and almost unbearable Monday I have had a good 2nd week of my confinement.

More relaxed and painless 2nd week as the wound healed properly, less backaches and waist aches and I eat better. More variety when it comes to food. I can eat chickens, fishes, and rice wines from 2nd week onwards. And not to mention from the 10th day I can bathe the black herbs water but I did not really bathe. I just wash and wipe with towel soaked in the herbs water. Will properly bathe on 4th week.

My yummy confinement dishes included chicken kacangma, pork kacangma, chicken soup, pork soup with red wine and steamed white pomfret. And check out what gifts we got from hubby's staff. One Eu Yan Sang hamper for me and 2 pairs of hand-knitted baby shoes for baby from an ex-staff.
I could kiss my MIL's feet for buying this mushroom for me to consume. I think it is called Abelone mushroom. Pretty expensive. RM70+ per pack my mil bought and only few pieces.

My pork rib soup and below is the main ingredients.


suituapui said...

Slurpsssss!!!! I wish I could give birth and enjoy all the nice food during confinement. Hehehehehe!!!!

Sharon D. said...

*sigh* You're eating all the best food in the world! Happy 'confinement' month, Rose ^.^

cre8tone said...

Miss my confinement food..

mun said...

Very delicious food you are eating. Good to hear that you are resting well.