Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Love being pregnant

Every pregnancy has different impact on me, physically, mentally and emotionally.  The most visible change being pregnant is my body and preception on being pregnant.  And I love it.

Before my 1st pregnancy, I was pretty slim, weighing around 52kg.  I love my body, so I went to gym, aerobic and jogging every week with my "health-conscious" ex-colleagues.  Then, I got married and and 2 months later, I was pregnant with my 1st baby.  Of course, I started to chalk up on the hormonal change and body turned from "slim" to being "pregnant".  I never associate "pregnant" with "fat" because naturally you are allow to devour as much food as you like during your pregnancy.  So I really bulk up on a lot of fat and weight during my 1st pregnancy.  But honestly I enjoyed my 1st pregnancy!!!  I felt energetic, beautiful and everyday was a learning day for me.  I read a lot of babies and pregnancies.

After my confinement, I underwent exercises and strict diet to get back to my pre-pregnancy body.  I succeed but after 3 years, I was pregnant with my 2nd child.  The emotional of being pregnant was overwhelming.  It was the right time to get pregnant as my eldest was 3 that year and it was time for her to have a sibling.  How estatic we all were when we learnt that it was a baby boy.
In my 2nd pregnancy, I quitted my work and become a lazy bum at home.  I was more of a zombie in my 2nd pregnancy; in the sense that I slept and rested a lot at home.  Did not do much.  Did not put on much weight.  But I realised that I develop more craving for spicy and sour food this round.  Almost every day I ate laksa, curry mee or nasi lemak.  I had food craving and I would not mind driving long distance to get that food.  Just to satisfy my craving.  So I wonder was that the reason why my boy can take some spicy and sour food now???  *wink*

Thought we stopped at 2; but God has his plan for us and I am pregnant with my 3rd one early this year.  I almost forgotten about how it was to be a pregnant woman again after the last one.  And in my 3rd pregnancy, I developed some nausea, and more energy sapping.  Easily tired.  Having sleeping problem at certain times and was sick most of the times.  I think I am getting the hang of a real pregnancy dilemma this round.  I enjoyed too much in my previous 2.  Now I am into the last week of pregnancy and in a week time, we will be welcoming our new member to the family.  Ooh, I could not wait for that to happen!!!!

But for the time being, I have to say that I do love being pregnant.  Because being a preggie, you have certain advantages.  For instance, the petrol station staff will assist you in pumping petrol.  And people tend to allow you to cut queues.  And yesterday while I was queuing to pay utility bills in POS Malaysia, a kind lady gave me her queue ticket so I could go first.  I am touched!  (and mind you, I never abuse my current condition to that extent).

And in almost every places especially wet market, people will ask and advise me (when am I due, what to eat and not to eat, pregnancy myth etc).  Well, I do enjoy the attention given.  *wink*  I know I would not have that experiences again.  Like other 2, I am opting for Caesarian, so 3 is enough. 


Sarawak Tourism Board said...
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Ez Vina said...

Such a positive notes on today's petrol issue talk.

Enjoy the reminding of your pregnancy days.

mun said...

Writing down your different feelings for each pregnancies is good for you to read later and enjoy.

wenn said...

I loved my pregnancy too. I also loved the confinement.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

That's the good thing about being pregnant: attention.

Have a nice day yeah?

suituapui said...

There are very considerate people all around - though I would not say the same about the present generation. Something gone wrong in the upbringing - it is always I or me.

I guess parents are too busy these days working trying to make ends meet...and with the breakdown of the extended family, people do not live with parents and grandparents anymore...and this is the outcome.

Agnes said...

I did not enjoy my pregnancies for the 1st 5 months..I was basically vomitting every moments that made me felt near to depression during my 2nd pregnacy. I underwent c section delivery for both.

Great that you enjoy pregnancy it is actually a wonderful experience.