Thursday, September 13, 2012

Milk substitute

My eldest is going to be 7 years old in about 6 months time.  She is still taking milk powder.  Pediasure brand which cost more than RM70.00 per tin and every day she is drinking about 600ml (3 times x 200ml/time).  One in the morning when she wakes up, one in the afternoon before taking nap and another one at night. 

And I told her few nights ago that I would slowly substitute her milk powder with fresh milk.  She further told me that some of her classmates drink milk from cup and she also want to drink milk from cups too.  So I used the opportunity to tell her that the classmates are drinking fresh milk from cup, not milk powder anymore.  And loves to act like "adult" my girl also requested to drink fresh milk.  She tasted fresh milk before and she commented that it was too sweet for her.  Lol!  And I ever let her try the organic cereal and milk and she commented they are tasteless!  Sigh! Kids!  Hard to please them.

Me and hubby have never been milk drinker and some more I have milk intolerance while hubby has gastric problem so we do not take milk into our daily consumption.  But once a while I will craze for some cereal breakfast so I would buy some low fat milk or fresh milk to add to my cereal.  Going back to my girl, she enjoys Kellogg's corn flakes and coco crunch.  Kids can eat it plain like that but for healthy meal, I will coax them to eat them in a bowl of fresh milk. 

And to sub for their daily calcium intake my kids are taking Tupperware Colostrum tablets.  2 tablets per day.  I also take milk tablets since I am not able to drink milk.  And sometimes I have to hide the tablets away because my kids especially the boy (3 years old) tend to over-eat it. I guess he thought it was candy or what, if no one stop him, he will eat many tablets without we realising it.  Sigh!!


Hayley said...

Calcium is vital for everyone!

アンゼエリン said...

Oh the colostrum tablets look normal to me. I didn'T eben realised how good it is until you mentioned here.

Yan said...

I guess you can still let her take milk powder from cup. I am now mixing the milk powder into the milo as my girls' breakfast.