Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Birthday dinner (over- due post)

Meant to post something about my birthday dinner last week but could not find the times to do it.  Or you can say that I am running out of writer's will to write something about it.  But honestly I find it hard to do posting over the weekend when the kids are around.  They will distract you till you can lose your mind.  Lol! 

But overall it was a relaxing weekend for me as we mostly staying at home, doing some cleaning and packing.  Both hubby and boy are still recovering from their respective flu and cough so we hardly go out except inspecting our new house and having meals outside. 

As for our birthday (mine and Baby Jay's) we had our buffet dinner in The Carvery, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman on Saturday, 25th.  The night before we had our dinner in The Causeway Bay Jalan Song.  A little celebration of my birthday, according to hubby before he treated us to a sumptous buffet the next night.  I been to The Carvery twice in their old place in Pending many years ago.  Now they moved to JTAR last year and I have not been there before. 

A friend refered the buffet as omnivorous meal because they mostly serve meat from chicken, lambs to beef.  The staff will move around tables holding skewers of meats to serve to patron.  I think I lost count of my calories and cholesterol I gained from that night and not forgetting the red wine and fruit punch that I had. 

I like its lamb shanks and grilled lamb the most!  Tender and juicy.  Other meats are fine but I feel the beef too tough for my teeth.  Lol!

 A picture of me and my 2 cheeky yet adorable kids.  *wink*


Libby said...

Ahhhhh, Rose, now I know who is writing behind the screen, a pretty gal mah...

yvonne said...

Happy belated birthday, Rose!

I gotta agree with Libby, the author of this blog is such a gorgeous lady :D

Yee Ling said...

Wow...pretty mommy!