Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Menu #27: Lunch in Buntal

After our church mass, we drove to Buntal for lunch yesterday.  It was about 30 minutes drive to Teo Seafood Restaurant in Buntal.  Since it is only 4 of us, we did not order much.  Worry we cannot finish the dishes.  

We ordered fried rice for the kids.  Nothing to shout about.  Very plain fried rice with mixed vegetables.  I like its belacan midin though. The belacan is very nice and 'ummph".  *wink*

Jelly fish in peanut sauce, which is hubby's favourite

Fried terubok recommended by the waitress.  I think it is pretty wasteful to cook the fish in this style, but the flesh is still sweet and tasty.  A lot of little bones, so not so recommended for kids!

And our lunch is accompanied by fresh coconut juices.  A cooling drink for warm day.  Overall the lunch costs us RM62.00. 

After that we went to Damai Sentral for a walk.  The last time we went there was back in December when little gal was not around.  So as a promise, we brought her there yesterday.

By the time we reached home it was past 3pm and Baby Jay slept for a hour in the car.  The trip should be shorter than that but we took  our time driving around.  We took a new route to Semariang on our way back but half way we have to turn back because the road is not fully completed. 


Sheoh Yan said...

The belacan midin looks delicious.

yvonne said...

Oh, your lunch is something special, I mean I never got to have those here :D

Love to try out the jelly fish in peanut sauce~

suituapui said...

Yup...I don;t like fried terubok as well. Not so nice. Hey! You did not order the or chien - Sarawak pizza? I like the ones at Buntal best!!!

lvynana said...

Very week got special seafood huh..nice..

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

OMG! All my favourite!

mNhL said...

The fish look so sauce to goes with ?