Thursday, May 17, 2012

Re-assessing time

As we grow older, we tend to think a lot.  Think many possibilities, many implications etc.  I thought life should get less complicated, but things keep coming in and it messes with our lives.

Hubby is surrounded by "red-eyed" and kiasu people  in office.  Everyone try to put him down and hitting on him at every opportunities.  It is tough climbing up the ladder and the more and faster you climb, more people are hitting on you.  Luckily my hubby is a tough man and never give up easily.  Every day he has to put up on a happy face to work.  Most Saturdays and Sundays he would sacrifice his time to finish up work load in office.  He is one of the top performers in EM.

On other hand I do not have much complication in my shop. Every day is a repetition to me.  Some day it is a boring day and other days I have my hand fulls of craps.  Customer complained on product defects and stocks, change of policy and daily operation issues. 

Sometimes we think whether all this worth everything that we put in???  Where are we heading to?  We know what we want but does all these stuff really contribute to our objectives?  One way or other we conclude.

And I have another deep thinking few days ago.  A friend suddenly visited me early this week.  She just quit her job.  It came as a surprise as she just started this job few months ago.  Her reason for quiting??  Conflict with her boss.  And it is also a time to re-assess her life objective she said.  She is tired of her current life and work and want to have some breathing space to think things out.  What she has done and where is she heading to?  She is in no hurry to find new job but has took up a part time accounting work since she would not be obligated to the company.  May be she will do some baking in the future since she has passion for baking.  But for time being, she is confused and want to have some times to think of what she wants.

We were discussing on what we have been through since we graduated from college about 15 years ago.  Working and working, been here and there.  And along the way we came into a "road bump" that cause us to stop for a while.  So, how we deal with this road bump?  Either we think of a way to go over it or taking another road alternative?  I am not so sure.  Many possibilities and we cannot predict what ahead of us......


Sheoh Yan said...

I will have the same feeling too, especially when I was tired and down. The world isn't ideal. We have to work for money.

Sheoh Yan said...
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lvynana said...

I love my job, I don't care much about the pay as long as I love doing it, but i just cannot stand 'kiasu' ppl, and those who keep on complaining and avoiding their works, those are my main de-motivation :(

suituapui said...

I was still teaching after I retired - my pension would probably be just enough for me to pay my bills and put food on the table. Not much left to spend. The extra income I got certainly helped a lot - I could leave my pension untouched and live quite lavishly.

But I got tired...and decided to stop completely this year. So far, I can get by very well without the extra income - the pension's good enough...but I'm a lot more relaxed, can sit back and watch the world go round...and have peace of mind. No regrets, really. If you ask me, I would say it's not all about the money - there is a lot more to life thatn that.

Libby said...

I have been through this and I know how it feels. Years ago I toyed with the idea of quiting the corporate world and finally I found the love of my love and now I happily teaching. By the way, do visit my blog when you are free and leave me any comments you have. Cheers.