Monday, May 14, 2012

Friend Talk

As we grew apart and busy with our family and lives, we would not have much time to keep in touch with friends.  The means of communication would be either Facebook or SMS.  Unless important or urgent news, then we will give each other a call.  Otherwise I seldom call my friends.  Shame on me!

Last Saturday we met at a friend's full moon dinner.  It was nice meeting old friends again. The kids were having their own "party" while we the adults have some times to ourselves.  Our topics would fall mostly on babies, holiday, properties and work.  Yeap, as we aged, our topics tend to be on those stuff.  Lol!

We may seldom meet but some of us still click.  However some friends do not have any similar contacts with you and there were nothing much to talk to.  Especially your friends' spouses.  We may not like them, but they are still your friends' partners and we try to be as courteous as possible.   And it is rather awkward to be seated to those people if you know what I mean.  Sitting next to each other but I hardly say 10 words to them.


アンゼエリン said...

Hahaha totally agrree with you. I understand your situation. W ehave that friends too.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I understand.

Talking about FB, i think it's good to have it, especially when we rarely meet our friends.

Kristie said...

It's good to keep in touch with old friends, FB helps a lot!

Small Kucing said...

ya know how u feel

Libby said...

I can understand how you feel. My friends and I also seldom contact nowadays after they have their own families and kids. It is really a pity.