Monday, August 22, 2011

Our weekend chore

Yesterday we have a cleaning and clearing in our room. Since we are going to move to new house in couple of months, we have to start packing some stuff over.

I had gone through the children old stuff and clothing, since my SIL is expecting. I giving away my maternity clothing too since I would not be wearing them anymore. Never knew I have so much baby clothing to give away. Two big boxes to the new baby. After all my Baby Jay is overgrown and hardly can fit into them. *wink*

Two big boxes of books, old magazines and little girl's school books and arts. 2 big boxes of toys. I guess we will need some more big boxes to pack our clothings and some more books and stuff. Really, I have moved to few houses when I was young. I remember I move to 5 houses before I got married, but that time, everything were done by parents. Now it is my turn, I really do not know where to start. Because it looks like you want to take everything over. Lol! But we shall leave the furniture since we are going to get new one in our new home.

We spent our afternoon at home and after a great nap, hubby made dinner for us. Just simple dinner; roasted chicken with lettuce mayo salad; roasted spring chicken; and tuna and cheese sandwiches. The kids did not like any of those, so I have to cook a pack of Maggi instant noodles with chicken favour for them. At least they finished it up! And we having the dinner watching "Final Destination 5". That was how I spent my Sunday!


Small Kucing said...

i hate packing to move houses :(

アンゼエリン said...

Even now and then, I will pack some old clothes from hubby and my closet and even my sons one to the orphanage houses and also Tze Chi. Right now I'm headache packing old toys and hubby's DVD's...can sell d...RM3 also I will earn money...

lvynana said... simple dinner sound so great :)

Jas said...

what a movie you have with such warm dinner~ hahaha