Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dreaming Costa Rica

When my sister told me that she is planning to expand her career in Costa Rica, I was more than happy to support her decision. She has been in her travel agency for 5 years and very familiar with ticketing and tour works. It is time for her to move on with her career.

I have heard so much about the Costa Rica rainforest and its natural beauty. My sister said that Costa Rica is one of the famous countries in Central America for honeymooners and those into natures as it has vast forests, valcanos and caves to explore in. As for me, I think I would opt for a city tour like a visit to San Jose and its historical buildings. I would love to go to Mercado Central and spend my shopping there.

My sister being an adventurer herself has started to learn more about this beautiful country of Costa Rica. So if everything goes well, she will be going end of the year. Good luck to her!

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