Saturday, February 12, 2011

Food I missed

Usually hubby would go visiting or meeting his friends when in hometown during CNY. This year been exceptionally "kuai" (as my MIL described), he stayed at home and accompanied me and the kids. All we did was gambling, eating, watching movie, playing fireworks and firecrakers; and so forth. So a very relaxing festival for all of us, although Baby Jay was homesick on the first few days.

I do not know I put on any weights or not from all those feasting. As usual, MIL will cook and make sure we filled our tummies. There would not be any hungry horses with her around. So I am stuffed with her cookings. Maybe it was shorter holiday thia year, so we did not get to enjoy her cooking more. But we have tasted MIL's Mee Brunei (Brunei noodle). It is hubby's favourite. We even tasted steamed empurau (which cost around RM250 after discount from the fish supplier) on New Year eve. We left the fish head for 1st day of CNY. Supertition of feasting on fish head. "Nian nian you yee" for the new year. I miss that tasty, sweet flesh! Slurp!

While in Kapit, I must make it a must to have its famous fried roti canai as well. Yes! Totally deep-fried roti canai.

So on the last day in Kapit before we departed in the afternoon, I nagged hubby to bring me to its hawker market for roti telur. As usual it was packed with people. Some are from abroad come back for CNY celebration. We brought Baby Jay to the market since little gal has been there a day before with her aunt, also for roti canai.

There were many Malay stalls selling the same food, i.e. fried noodles, roti canai and teh tarik, but we still like one of the stall the best. Hubby's friend but unfortunately on that day it was packed so we tried another Malay stall.

Turned out not bad. The roti telur was tasty but a bit oily. Baby Jay even had few chunks. I guess that was why he fall sick after back from Kapit. Too much heaty food, drank less water (now he is into 100plus drink) and played too much. *wink*

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lvynana said...

interesting..fried roti canai.
I never been to Kapit :(