Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hair treatment

I did not do anything to my hair since the last treatment last year. Even with the CNY that just concluded, I did not do anything. Probably because I am undecided on what to do. Colour, perm or new hair cut.

A bit bored with my current hair style. I have been browsing around for the latest trend and pixie is the in thing. Wonder it suits me or not?? Hmm. Deep in my heart, I worry it does not look right for me and I am not an extremist (you can say, not so adventureous when it comes to hair) too. Well, maybe I will get some trimming and treatment instead. Can feel my hair is not that silky and healthy anymore...Got to make appointment with my hair stylist one of these days.

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Zooropa said...

yeah hair treatment can refresh your hair! I did rebonding + hair treatment + scalp treatment b4 CNY 'coz I really can't stand with my hair which is totally out of "pattern" & oily too... now feel so good already :-)