Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A week away...

No more shopping. Everything is pretty expensive. Can see, cannot afford to buy. I am talking about the vegetables, CNY goodies and Mandarin Oranges.

Since I started my business I hardly have time for myself. So yesterday, I had my facial done. Tried out the new beauty centre and the result? I requested no redness and hard pinching, so my face turned out great after a thorough cleaning. Lol! My hair? Nah. I think I shall leave it as it is. Could not think of what to do with my hair. I done my straightening last May and it still look straight, so I shall leave it for time being.

One more week. Counting down to my holiday...could not wait to sleep late, wake up late, and most of all, lazy around with my 2 kids. After all, it has been a week since my Indonesian worker left to celebrate CNY with her family. Since then, I spent more times at shop as the other staff are newer. So did not have times with the kids, either than morning and late at night. Even my little gal is commenting on my late coming back home. Sigh!

She has packed some stuff in her favourite Barney bag last night, but it was not the stuff that you would pack for vacation. What else, other than her stationery case and colour pencil case. Lol! So got to start packing for the kids one of these nights. Myabe hubby can help out since he will start his long holiday this Saturday. Gosh! I hate packing, because I will end up with so many stuff, especially when you are bringing kids along. Could not afford to bring this and that while away from home. It will be Baby Jay's first trip away from home. I already started to dread about the 3 hours long express ride with my boy.


Small Kucing said...

Mandarin orange expensive meh? Quite cheap right? But other good all increase price already. Pasar vegetables also more expensive already

eugene said...

Man ! when they tell you that inflation rate is only about 2 to 3 %,it is all rubbish.

things are very expensive now lol.. so we must always spend within our budget,just don't overspend even festive seasons, who cares anyway,right?