Monday, January 17, 2011

Over the weekend

Spending almost 2 hours in The Spring on Saturday afternoon. Result? Spent slightly over RM1000.00 on shopping. I got a pair of Lee jeans.

Our shopping bags. Talking about shopping bags and plastic bags, The Parkson has started the "No Shopping Bag" on every Saturday, so if you forget to bring your own bags, you can always buy at price of RM0.20 each and all the monies will go to charity. As you can see here, we forget to bring ours and spent RM0.40 for them.

After the shopping, we settled down at Sushi King. We ordered its Hotate promotion> Does not look that appetizing to me. Picture can be deceiving sometimes. Lol!

Why the empty plates picture? Just to show you that I finished my Unagi set and hubby just started to eat his tempura set. Slow services even not many customers. Lol!


mNhL said...

Money very easy to spend but not easy to earn. haha

Small Kucing said...

not bad la. at least managed to buy something

lvynana said...

at least now we have a decent place to shop.