Monday, January 10, 2011


I could not stop ranting to my hubby since yesterday but I have still did not get it out from my system yet. So I have to rant it over here to you. This is not the reason for my sleepless night last night. Could not have eye shut till very late in the morning plus the kids putting me much awake the whole night with one loves to kick her blanket off and another keeps rolling around the bed. Sigh!

I confirmed that I have met a crazy boy. He could not stop bugging me over the phone for past few days. Now I regret helping him out. Actually the story started a month ago.....

A boy around 19 years old approached me and hubby at the shop asking for any job vacancy. I do not employ a male worker so I told him directy no vacancy. But he sounds and looks so desperate and sincere so hubby and myself told him we will look out for him if any.

Since then he did called up couple of times to check on any vacancy until last month when my dad told me he is looking for a general worker for his shop. A worker that able to deliver stocks to customers and do some repairs and servicing.

So thinking of the boy, I recommended him to my dad. He did came last Saturday and after work for a day only, he smsed me yesterday that he could not work anymore. Reason? Because he has no job experience and no driving license. What reasons are those? No experience, I give you a chance to work and gain one. It is not like you can walk on the first day you were born. Experience is gained as you work. No license? Then go and get one. Gosh! I lost count of how many calls I received on Saturday night and Sunday. One SMS he told he cannot go so I told him off that if he thinks that the job does not suit him, then I will tell my dad accordingly. However the subsequent sms I received saying he has something to discuss with me. Geez. What is wrong with this guy???

My mum even commented to me this morning that he is not of sound and right mind luckily no sight of him today. Otherwise my mum will also ask him to leave with immediate effect. Lol! So that is it! Just hope he will not disturb us again otherwise .....So much for helping people out but never know that person till it is too late. *sigh*


mNhL said...

sound scary. Hope he will stop bothering you all soon.

Small Kucing said...

Ya sound have better be careful if he happens to drop by your shop. He sound like he might do something mad.