Thursday, September 2, 2010


It is going to be school holiday soon and my little chatterbox is away for a week. Yes, little gal will be going back to her hometown with her grandma tomorrow morning. So she is having her holiday a day early.

As for myself, everything will goes as usual for business. No holiday. Last month was a great month for me as I managed to hit my targets. Yes! Happy. Business is booming as slowly people is coming to the shopping mall. Hari Raya is a week away, and customers are taking opportunity to shop around. My Malay staff will be taking a 3 days holiday, so it means I would have to be at the shop. When it comes to holiday, it would be busy time for us.

The kids' babysitter is taking a week off end of the month as she is going to Thailand for holiday. So hubby and I have to juggle between our times to take care of the two kids during the day.


Nick Phillips said...

Arrggghhh school holidays ... the 'where to take the kids' problem always come back around this time ... LOL!

TripleJin said...

:D Retail life is like that. Public Holidays are always the best time, as people love to shop!!


lvynana said...

lots of good news lately huh..