Sunday, September 12, 2010

No show

The new girl that hubby interviewed yesterday did not show up today. So I guess it means she did not take up the offer. Or probably she took another offer from other outlet. Not only my shop that have immediate vacancy around here. As I was strolling around the mall this morning, I noticed that few shops putting up vacancy notices in front of their shops.

Alas! Why it is so hard to get a loyal staff to work for you?


reanaclaire said...

so nowadays the staff are choosing employers and not the other way round? hope u get a nice employee soon..

smallkucing said...

adoi....but she should have called and decline the offer instead of just leaving it like that

Birthmark said...

Sad, but true.

Let's put it this way. Even multinational corporations can't provide you a career. What more is there to say if it's merely a job. People come and go all the time. But for sure, they will cling on if they found what they're looking for. Regardless.

Being loyal? Those are stories you may have heard from decades ago. Our father's time. Grandfather's even.

I'm not in any word support that girl, nor I'm against her. But look at what our country did to us. Look at our economy. Look at the opportunities. Don't you think it isn't hard living a half decent life now?

If there's a cent better offer, why not?

My apology if my words are harsh. Just speaking from an honest heart. Cause I've been through that.

All the best in finding a good help.

mNhL said...

hmm....this is so sad. In seremban too, a lot of shops are looking for staff.

lvynana said...

Hi Rose, do you still have the Cosway Empress Oven, let me know if you do..desperately need one now :(

Rose said...

Hi Ivynana, sorry, we don't have that oven over here.....if any, I shall email to you!

Merryn said...

the toughest part about sustaining a business is getting a loyal staff :)