Saturday, September 4, 2010

Keeping it after all

First I were excited to own a house but when hubby mentioned on selling it off few months ago, I was a bit disappointed. After been struggling for few years on scouting, securing and paying for its house loan and when we finally have the keys, hubby suggested on selling it off.

I understand on his reasoning behind, but it was a great investment in first place. Initially a RM280K two years ago, now the value of our house (intermediate terrace, double storey, mind you?) reached more than RM380K. Isn't it a good reason to sell it off and probably settling some of our credit debts?

However since the operation of the shop and hubby's housing project is starting this month, we slowly have income coming in. So we are keeping the house for good. Over the weekend we brought the kids for a swim in its clubhouse's swimming pool. It was Baby Jay's first experience in the pool. From the look of it, I guess the kids will have great time utilise its swimming pool and maybe we will have to hunt for some furniture soon. Just don't know it would be in time to move in for next year's CNY.


smallkucing said...

Landed property value will only increase in time. Good investment,

cleffairy said...

I agree with smallkucing...