Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Post-pregnancy problem??

I may have given birth more than 2 years ago, but I think I still have post-pregnancy problem that does not go away after delivery. One is my tummy. As I underwent Caesarian, I still haven’t much lose all the fat in my abdomen.

I gained around 17kg throughout my pregnancy and now I managed to maintain to my normal weight, pre-pregnancy state. However, I still have the flabby tummy that I find hard to get rid of.

Another symptom which sometimes irritates me is my skin. I still develop some peeling on my skin above my upper lip. The skin is too dry till it peels off and turns agitated. It has never happen before, and I only develop this problem while I was pregnant. However even then, the problem is not that serious. I apply many lotions and creams, but nothing cures it. It will get better for few days but then it comes back again. Sometimes the redness make it looks like my lipsticks go out of the line. I have consulted doctor, but what ever remedies he gives, they do not cure my skin problem. It is not allergy I am sure, but I wonder whether it has anything to do with my hormone. Do you have such problem too??


lvynana said...

having the exact problem as u are!

Constance Chan said...

yes, since my pregnancy, i also have all my post pregnany skin probs and the flabs.. looks like they won't go away and become a long visited 'friend' when am old..

pearly said...

hi dear
thank for pop over , sorry for not been around . merry xmas to you and family too .
yeah my steph have the lip problem too , it take long time to be better it keep coming back then one dr give a cream , i will find out fo you it stop and since haven't had the dry lip any more will get bk to u soon .

Hazel said...

me too have the same problem as you say..