Monday, December 15, 2008

It was what we did over the weekend

Yeah, I am taking leave again. And you must be wondering how many leaves I have since I just started my new job in September? Hahaha! Total of 10 days! I will be taking 2 more this month.

Suppose to meet a customer today, but last minute he postponed it to tomorrow afternoon. So I did not do much in the morning, just driver to my family. Having breakfast with hubby and daughter, dropping both in the respective places, I visited my mum and have lunch, then come back to an empty house. But the sight of Christmas tree in the living room welcoming me home, it just feel great to think that Christmas is next week!

I have bought presents for hubby and sister-in-law, and going to hunt presents for my brother-in-law and little gal later in the evening. Plan to go to The Spring with little gal, then around 7pm, going to pick hubby up from the office and have dinner together! Yes, that is my schedule for the day.

As for the weekend, we did not do much. On Saturday again, I were the driver, driving hubby to office then pick him up before we heading to Taiwan Sio Ju for late lunch around 330pm. It is difficult to find nice food especially lunch after 2pm as most cafĂ© close in the afternoon before resume in the evening. Taiwan Sio Ju has always been our favourite eating place as the dishes are home-cooked. When come to food, we don’t fancy nice-looking food. We eat everything and mostly are home-cooked type!

It was 430pm when we reached home and three of us were tired like logs!! Little gal slept till 7something and we have no choice but to wake her up. Don't want her to sleep late later that night. After dinner at brother-in-law’s cafe, we hunt for Christmas tree to be put in our house.

You wouldn’t believe it! On Sunday both hubby and myself woke up around 930am! Or rather I woke up around 7am and little gal run into her aunty’s room next door and stay there. Not bothering about her, both myself and hubby doze off again and only woke up at 930am! I cannot remember when the last time I can enjoy and wake up late in the morning! Lol! So after shower, we went to Wisma Hopoh to collect hubby’s new TagHeuer spectacles. 2 pairs cost him over RM2000! When I was complaining about the price, he said “They are for my eyes! They worth it”. Luckily he can claim from his company or else, I wonder he would say the same thing if otherwise! Lol!

Same time, we hunt for Christmas presents at Wisma Hopoh. Suppose to get mine too, but little gal was very restless when we have our lunch at Hong Kong Noodle House at Wisma Saberkas so we aborted the plan! Never mind, hubby said it will be a surprise present for me on Christmas Day. I know what he is getting for me, but don't know what brand he is going to get. I will only find what my present would be under the Christmas tree in the morning of Christmas Day.

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Hazel said...

aiyo, got surprise present..hope u luck here