Monday, November 7, 2016

With the clan


Just me and my kids in this new establishment. Clans One Cafe. Does it remind you of something?? Mobile phone game? Clash of Clans? Ring a bell?

Anyway, the owner of this cafĂ© must be a die-hard fan of Clash of Clans. The decor of this cafe was based on the famous game; how tastefully chosen to give a different and thrilling dining experience. We enjoyed looking through the decors.

Halloween decors were still up there. Initially I planned to come here on 31 October to try their Halloween special but something caught up that day.

The menu

The menu

Alcoholic and beers served

If you are wondering its whereabout, Clans One Cafe is located in Trinity Hub, Jalan Datu Tawi Sli. I have been frequenting that area lately. The previous two posts were on the cafes found in the area.

Clans One Cafe is at the back of the Hub, same row with Big Cat Corner. Not visible from the main road so you would need to drive further in to spot the cafe.

Last Wednesday, I spent my lunch with my own clan of little people over here. A little break for my kids from the school exam revision. Everyone had a good time and lunch. The kids running up to the 1st floor (castle tower) to look around. Basically they felt at home here; not many customers that time too.

Woody-looking tables

One part of the 1st floor

Could you spot my princess?

From the 1st floor looking down

We started off our lunch with this spaghetti aglio olio. Special request for no spicy as my kids could not take too spicy food.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio (RM15)

Next was this amazing Fish N Chip served in a wooden board. Love the fish fillet that was well coated in batter. Not those frozen fish fillet but fresh fish fillet.

Fish N Chip (RM19)

I had this lunch set of grilled chicken rice chop with an add-on drink and I opted for watermelon juice for only RM3.50.

Grilled chicken chop rice (RM9)

Overall the chicken chop was nice; not too dry. But the rice on the other hand, was too dry. Nearly choked myself there. Did not finish the rice as I were worry of indigestion but I like the chicken chop and coleslaw.

Scary-looking (but colourful drink) glasses

I guess they weren't over with Halloween. Love the idea that they served their fruit juices in these skull glasses. Apple juice and watermelon juice.

My clansmen and I walked out with full tummies and total bill of RM58.50. Not bad for our first visit.


Yee Ling said...

Oh...I know this game but never play but my kids do.Hahah

Wahh...the drinks in the mugs, so captivating.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I will go for the Spaghetti Aglio Olio...

Phong Hong said...

This place and the menu is very appealing to kids and young adults, not that I am saying we are old hah..hah.. Wah, got skull glasses. Very halloween!

suituapui said...

I dunno nuthin' about Clash of Clans...nor all the rest like Game of Thrones and so on...but the decor here does look very interesting. Food's pretty much the usual like at most other places, it seems?

Nancy Chan said...

Children and fans of the game will surely like this place. I think Halloween decorations are scary. Oh yes, I can see your princess up there looking down. If my drink is served in a skull glass, I will turn it around so that I won't have to look at the skull! Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Suitable for COC fans. I bet they will have 'war' in this place. hehe

reana claire said...

Oh, never heard of this game but the deco is certainly interesting.. surely will attract the kids and their fans too!

Sharon D said...

I used to play Clash of Clans..haha! ^.^
What a lovely concept. I am loving those skull glasses.

mun said...

Yes, can spot your princess.

Hayley said...

Very unique cafe, boys will especially love it ba? Since it's about games...

Ez Vina said...

Been planning to go here but still not yet make it. My kids would love the place as they enjoy the game too.

Libby said...

The skull glasses were so interesting, can see that the rice was a bit dry, did you voice up to the waiter? If me, I think I will voice up

henry tan said...

lol named after a game? then i supposed the fans would like it. for me, not so much then. haha

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