Friday, November 25, 2016

2016 school is done!

It's official! School is out!

School holiday has already begun and it feels surreal to me. It is like yesterday when they started schooling.

Both Jan and Jay are doing fine in school. Jan has a little hiccup early of the year as the new syllabus implemented and some tough transition from P3 to P4.  However, am glad that she is adjusting well to the new syllabus and doing fine academically.

She was in the top 3 throughout the year.  The previous 3 exams she was in 2nd place, but this time round, she dropped to number 5.  However the overall performance for the year, she is in 3rd place and on Wednesday, she collected her 3rd place trophy in school.

Jan  has works to do in improving her marks in few subjects especially BM. Next year she will be attending afternoon tuition which is compulsory in her school in preparation for UPSR the following year.

Chinese - 70 (Paper 1) + 80 (Paper 2)
BM - 70 (Paper 1) + 40 (Paper 2)
English - 98 (Paper 1) + 88 (Paper 2)
History - 72
PM - 99
Maths - 89
Science - 71
Pendidikan Kesihatan - 80

The most surprise came from Jay. Initially I were so worry about him adjusting to Chinese school but he proved me wrong. He is adjusting well in P1. Now he is more daring to speak Chinese to us. And his marks in Chinese has improved over the marks since he gone to tuition. BM is his weakest subject in class, but overall he is doing fine in his exam. Still, his handwriting is less desirable and need more improvement.  Teachers have been complaining about his messy handwriting. 

Jay is an average achiever; academic is not much his stronghold. His interest lies on other thing. So far in his school exams, his standing is middle (around 15th and 16th) out of 30 students in his class. 

Chinese - 77
English - 83
BM - 58
Maths - 80
Science - 76
Morale - 74
Pendidikan Kesihatan - 84

For fun, I posted 2 photos of them.  1st day of school and another was taken this Monday, the last week of school. Any difference other than they are growing taller?

Jan 2016

Nov 2016

Soon, my youngest will be following his older siblings' footstep in venturing into kindergarden.  I wonder I would be getting used to going back to an empty and quiet house after dropping Jamie to kindergarden next year?? Well, I might as well enjoy the time I have with him and my other children now. Happy holidays!!

Learn from the trees; values from roots and changes from leaves. Stay grounded and keep on growing.


suituapui said...

Congrats to both your kids! 3rd one will join them soon in the paper chase, eh? More stress and grey hair for the mum. Hehehehehe!!!!

Nancy Chan said...

The holiday has just started! Any holiday plans or trips for the family? Time really flies and very soon little Jamie will join the older siblings in school.

Ez Vina said...

Yeay, holidays are here!

Same like my children, BM is their weakess subject. Need to find a BM tuition for them next year.

Phong Hong said...

Your kids have done well. So now is the time to enjoy the holidays with them. Happy holidays!

Merryn said...

Congratulations to both Jan and Jay for a year well done. Jamie is going to Kindy next year? My Ayden is still reluctant to go anywhere >_<

reana claire said...

Syabas to your kids!! Year by year goes by very fast... Enjoy your hols!!

mun said...

well done to bothJan and Jay they look more mature in the 2nd photo. have a happy holiday!

Libby said...

For SG, school holidays are in November and December, my students will like to start their tuition in December, your kids did well especially Jan, any trip for the family?

Libby said...

Jan did quite well in PM, English and Mathematics

Shirley Tay said...

Congrats, dear! You've done a good job in raising them. xoxo

Hayley said...

Congratulations to your kids! You must be very proud!

Yea, school's out, parents got busier already I suppose, haha!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Congrats to your kids...

Sharon D said...

Amazing job bringing them up, Rose! They are all brilliant kids. Jay is probably going to be Doctor with his messy handwriting .. ;)